Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Educate Truth’s purpose and goals

Hmm ... so Shane Hilde has decided that he needs to clarify his mission. Let's see what marvelous insights he has for us today:
we would like to see evidence for the biblical creation presented and promoted in the relevant science classes.
Ah yes, evidence for the biblical creation. Let's see what the experts at the Geoscience Research Institute say:
The primary reason why the Pisco Fm. is believed to require million dog years is radiometric dating. The sediments and fossils have features that are difficult to reconcile with this long time period. On the other hand, they also contain features that don’t seem to fit a time frame of days or weeks. Perhaps a few hundred years would be a more realistic time period for Pisco Fm.
I see, so the evidence doesn't support the biblical account. I wonder what else the GRI says:
The lack of antediluvian fossil humans remains a problem to this day, the lowest confirmed strata with remains of Homo sapiens being the Pleistocene above the top of the Cenozoic.
It turns out that Shane Hilde doesn't want the science classes at La Sierra University to teach science. He wants science teachers to teach the biblical account of creation, and to back it up with evidence. Good luck.

Shane, teaching biblical creationism is fine. Teaching it as science is not. There's a reason why the LSU biology professors teach evolution in their classes: it's called evidence.

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